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City Terminates Dardanelle Chamber Contract

Breaking News from City of Dardanelle: During its June monthly meeting, the Dardanelle City Council voted to terminate its contract with the Dardanelle Area Chamber of Commerce (DACC) that provided the salary of the organization’s part time executive director.
The agreement between the City of Dardanelle and the DACC was made during a time of financial hardship.
The DACC, a nonprofit organization, had to cancel several of its biggest fundraisers in 2019 and 2020, leaving the DACC with very little money to pay operating expenses and salaries.
“We provided a service to them that they needed at the time, and now they’re in better financial shape now,” said one Dardanelle city council member.
The agreement between the city of Dardanelle and the DACC is set to end in 30 days.
“We look forward to a good partnership between the city and the chamber in the future,” said Dardanelle Mayor Jimmy Witt.

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